Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How To Use The Keurig Coffee Maker Website

Navigating This Keurig Coffee Maker Review Site

Above this post, you’ll see separate pages on each of the Keurig coffee makers mentioned on this site. Those pages are full reviews of Keurig coffee makers I own or use frequently in one setting or another. Where applicable I have provided some of my own pictures to help you understand what to look for on certain machines if you can’t already locate these things yourself.
I’ll leave a brief of each Keurig Coffee Maker below. Just click on the Keurig brewer you are interested in and it will take you directly to the full review page.
Keurig Mini Plus
The Keurig Mini Plus is a step up from the Keurig Mini. This is one of the Keurig coffee brewers that I own. Find out what room I keep this single cup coffee maker in.
Keurig B40
This is a no frills Keurig coffee maker. It falls in between the Keurig Mini Plus and the Keurig B60. It’s the perfect segue for someone who is used to drinking Folger’s or Maxwell house coffee from a drip coffee machine.
Keurig B60
This is the single cup coffee maker I get the most use out of. Has an auto on/off function. Accommodates a travel size mug (up to 7 inches tall). Large cold water tank so you don’t have to refill the machine every ten seconds. A breeze to clean.
Keurig B70
This is a very pretty coffee maker. The LCD display a big reason why it looks so sharp. It has five cup size functions, which includes an iced coffee function. It’s designed to crank out a lot of coffee. Great for the hardcore at home coffee drinker.
Keurig Office Pro
This coffee maker is the second level up in Keurig’s away from home coffee machines. It’s a slightly heavier coffee maker than the at-home models. Great for mom and pop businesses. No manual water draining. Easy office coffee machine to love.
Keurig B155
Use this machine at work. Don’t buy it for home use. You’ll never make that amount of coffee at home unless you have the army and navy over for dinner. It’s a boxy machine that won’t take your My K-Cup. Buy this for your office.
The flavors that make the brand. You’ll find some savvy partnerships between Keurig and other coffee brands in the interest of bringing you the flavor you love using the brewing method you love even more.
The bottom line on all Keurig coffee makers is this: when you take the time, and you don’t have to spend hours doing this, to care for your coffee makers, they won’t let you down. I have never had an issue with one of my coffee makers that I didn’t create myself.
I do own a drip coffee maker also, but if you read my post on drip machine vs single cup coffee maker you’ll see why sometimes having both are a necessity. Keurig has over 200 flavors of K-Cups at the time of this writing and that number is increasing. I would find it very hard not to find one flavor I liked. The beauty of brewing coffee in the first place is to experiment with many types of brewing methods and tastes to see what works for you. A Keurig coffee maker allows you to do just that and then some.
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